8 Best Styling Products for Fine Hair

8 Best Styling Products for Fine Hair

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Finding the best styling products for fine hair requires a delicate balance: providing hold and definition without weighing the hair down or causing damage. It’s taken a lot of trial and error for me to find styling products that gave me lift and smoothed my frizz without leaving my hair crunchy and greasy.


Why is it hard to find styling products that work especially well for fine hair?

  • Fine hair is easily weighed down: Fine hair has a smaller diameter, which means it is more susceptible to being weighed down by heavy styling products. This can make fine hair appear flat and lifeless.
  • Lack of volume: Fine hair often lacks volume and body, which means that it can be difficult to find styling products that provide lift and fullness without weighing the hair down.
  • Oiliness: Fine hair tends to produce more oil than thicker hair, which can make it difficult to find styling products that don't leave the hair looking greasy or oily.
  • Fragility: Fine hair is more delicate and prone to breakage, which means that it can be challenging to find styling products that provide hold and definition without causing damage to the hair.


These products below are the best for styling hair while also give a weightless (or near-weightless) impact to my hair.


Styling Products To Avoid With Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, you should avoid using heavy or oily styling products that can weigh down your hair, make it look greasy, or create buildup. Some styling products to avoid include:

  • Heavy waxes and pomades: These products are often too heavy for fine hair and can make it look greasy and flat.
  • Thick creams and gels: These products can also be too heavy for fine hair and can make it look weighed down and lifeless.
  • Oily serums: Serums that contain heavy oils can also weigh down fine hair and make it look greasy.
  • Hairspray with a high hold: Hairspray can be helpful for keeping your style in place, but if you have fine hair, you should avoid using hairspray with a high hold, as it can make your hair look stiff and unnatural.

Instead, look for lightweight styling products that are specifically designed for fine hair, such as mousses, volumizing sprays, and texturizing sprays. These products can help add volume and texture to your hair without weighing it down or creating buildup.


8 Best Styling Products for Fine Hair

Blowout Spray: Amika Brooklyn Bombshell Blowout Volume Spray

blowout products for fine hair

If you feel your hair is dry after a blowout, Amika’s Brooklyn Bombshell Spray is perfect for you. It is a lightweight formula that adds a bit of moisture to your hair to revive your strands and give them some shine. It also gives my hair a nice amount of volume and when I spray a little I get the volume and moisture without the crunch factor.


Volumizing Mousse: Living Proof Full Texturizing Foam

Volumizing is a must-have styling product for fine hair because it gives hair lift, and in this case, the illusion of thicker hair. I’ve tried a zillion mousses and I always come back to this one from Living Proof when I want weightless volume. It’s a great option for people with fine or thin hair who want to add volume, thickness, and body to their hair without weighing it down or creating buildup.


Styling Cream: Oribe Featherbalm Ultra-light Cream

Styling creams are amazing for how much they can do for your hair: deliver heat protection, smooth frizz, and add shine and hold to your hair. They can be heavy and leave hair weighed down but this one from Oribe is specially formulated for fine hair. It’s incredibly lightweight and can be used before or after styling.


Heat Protectant: Kerastase Resistance Heat Protecting Leave In Treatment

Kerastase is one of my favorite brands for products that work without adding heaviness to the hair. This heat protectant and blow dry primer doesn’t weigh down hair but leaves it so incredibly smooth.

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For Glass Hair: Colorwow Dreamcoat Supernatural Spray

I love Colorwow Dreamcoat (and I know I’m not alone.) This spray manages to give your hair a smooth, high-shine finish without weighing down the hair at all. This is a must-have if you’re looking for a glass hair finish and it lasts for 3-4 shampoos so you don’t need to reapply every time. And if you're looking for something more affordable, check out my review of some different Dreamcoat dupes


Thickening Cream: R+Co Dallas Biotin Thickening Treatment

This thickening cream from R+Co does a few things I like: it thickens hair after one use, it gives hair volume and texture, it lasts all day while still leaving my hair soft and touchable. Sometimes this is the only product I need to give my hair some oomph without a lot of effort.


Texturizing Spray: Verb Volume Dry Texture Spray

Verb is another brand that’s great for lightweight products that are great for fine hair. Their Volume Dry Texture Spray gives amazing volume and really good hold with a small spritz. Don’t go overboard to avoid crunchiness, but just a little goes a long way.

 best blowout products for fine hair

Hair Oil: Verb Ghost Weightless Hair Oil

Hair oil can be dicey if you have fine hair (at least in my experience), because while you want to add shine and tame frizz, oil can be, well, oily. This oil from Verb really feels invisible. This was actually the first hair oil I ever used and I thought all hair oils were this invisible on the hair (it turns out that is very much not the case.)


Best Styling Products for Fine Hair Conclusion

It's important to find styling products that are specifically designed for fine hair, are lightweight, and don't contain heavy oils or waxes that can weigh it down. It's also important to use these products sparingly and to avoid using too many products at once to prevent product buildup and damage.

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