Ceremonia Haircare Brand Review - What Hair Types Does It Work For?

Ceremonia Haircare Brand Review - What Hair Types Does It Work For?

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Ceremonia is a haircare brand that I have wanted to try for a couple of years now. Lately though I’ve been seeing them everywhere! They launched in 2020 with their range of clean haircare inspired by Latin heritage and using a lot of natural ingredients from Latin America.


Over the past couple of months I’ve become obsessed with the founder’s instagram feed. Babba Rivera has a Chilean background but was raised in Sweden, and has the most fashionable and colorful wardrobe imaginable.


They’ve recently come out with some sets of minis which made it easy for me to try seven of their products. Here are some of my thoughts after trying these products over the past month!


Ceremonia Hair Products Scent

I’m big on scent so I’ll give the Ceremonia products’ fragrance a little spotlight here. It smells like a fresh forest but in a very elevated way. It’s subtle scent that won’t knock you over or having you smelling you all day, but it smells great. They describe it as having top notes of lemon zest, kumquat and green tea with middle notes of jasmine petals, violet and black tea with bottom notes of vetiver, tonic beans, and brown sugar.


ceremonia shampoo review

Guava Yucca & Witch Hazel Deep Hydrating Shampoo

I have fine hair so I normally wouldn’t use a hydrating shampoo, but I decided to give it a try. This is a shampoo meant to boost shine and tamp down frizz and is admittedly better for thick or dry hair, but I didn’t experience greasy hair from using (as I expected.) It creates a minimal amount of lather, but it smells amazing.


Cupuacu & Castor Deep Hydrating Conditioner

I’m a bit of a conditioner obsessive, and this one passed the test. I have tried some not-so-good conditioners lately so I really appreciated how easily this one detangled and softened my hair. It’s actually a thinner consistency for a conditioner, but that only makes it more spreadable without taking away any of its softening and smoothing powers.


ceremonia leave-in guava conditioner

Guava Hydrating Leave-In Conditioner

Maybe my favorite product from Ceremonia so far. This is a cream leave-in conditioner which typically makes it more hydrating than a spray. For my fine hair, I don’t use creams very often because I find they can be hard to spread around, leaving my hair with too much leave-in product which weighs my hair down, But this leave-in conditioner is like butter. It does give hair deep hydration, softening and detangling…but it’s still lightweight enough to leave hair bouncy. My hair was less frizzy and I don’t feel like I have to be worried about using too much. This is definitely a product I would buy in a full size!


ceremonia beach waves spray

Guava Beach Waves Hair Texturizing Spray

This is maybe my least favorite—but I will admit to having something of a bias against salt sprays. They tend to make my hair drier and frizzier without much extra texture and volume and that’s pretty much how I felt about this one. It uses pink Bolivian salt and offers sun protection, but I don’t think I’ll be using this one again.


ceremonia guava rescue spray

Guava Rescue Hair Heat Protectant Spray

The Guava Rescue Spray claims to be a detangler and heat protection spray—kind of a blow dry primer for damp hair. This really is weightless and makes my hair much more manageable. This is great for fine hair like mine but I imagine it works for any kind of hair as it’s still gives hair significant hydration.


ceremonia pequi curl activator

Pequi Curl Activator Styling Serum

This is an amazing curl cream for for wavy, curly, or coily hair. It’s a milky spreadable serum that gives hair lots of shine and really makes my waves bounce. I will say I’ve tried lighter weight curl creams that leave my waves little less greasy, so I would recommend this for people with medium or thick hair. I’ve started using less of it in my hair when I want to wear my hair wavy, even pairing it with a more lightweight cream because I do love the shine it tends to give my waves.


ceremonia aceite de mosca review

Aceite de Moska Pre-Shampoo Scalp & Hair Oil

The Aceite de Moska was Ceremonia’s first product and it’s inspired by a popular Dominican hair product to improve shine and improve hair health. It’s primarily intended for your scalp but it can be used for your hair also (I’ve used it for both.)


I’m a little wary of scalp serums for my oily scalp, but by using this sparingly and massaging it in I haven’t noticed extra greasiness. After a week of using it it’s hard to say if I’m imagining more shine in my hair (and I definitely wouldn’t be noticing any hair growth at this stage), but I like it as a ritual so far.


And my favorite way to apply it? Mixing it in with my conditioner! Ceremonia suggests this as a way to use it and it is a great way to supercharge your conditioner for dry or damaged hair.


Did Ceremonia Work for My Fine Hair?

I expected Ceremonia’s products to be too heavy for my fine hair, but a number of their products manage to balance hydration with lightweight textures that don’t make my hair greasy. The Guava Leave-In Conditioner and Guava Rescue Spray are especially great for my fine hair and I’ve found that mixing some Ceremonia products into my existing products (like the Pequi Curl Activator with my lightweight curl creams or the Aceite de Moska into my conditioner) has been a good way to add shine and hydration.

 ceremonia haircare

Ceremonia Haircare Brand Review Conclusion

Overall, aside from a couple of misses and products that aren’t the best fit for my hair type, I’ve found some new loves here. It’s made me more excited to try some new products from them like their scalp scrub, hair mask, and hair refresher! If you pick up any of Ceremonia’s hair products let me know what you think. :)

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