How To Get High Cranial Top

How To Get High Cranial Top

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Cranial top has become a popular method of using your hairstyle to accentuate your features, particular in Asia. Popular in China, this method of figuring out the right hairstyle for your face was also covered by dear peachie’s YouTube channel. In her video, she notes that Jennie from Blackpink has high cranial top and wears hairstyles that make her face look smaller and her features more delicate.


Understanding whether you have high or low cranial top can help you figure out the right hairstyles to emphasize your facial features. But there are easy ways to emphasize high cranial top even on every day basis if you are running out of time. I love to use some of these tricks to quickly get a hairstyle that works with my features but without a lot of effort.


But first, what is high cranial top?


What is High Cranial Top?

High cranial top is when the measurement between the top of your hairline and the top of your skull is equal to the measurement of space between your eyebrows and your hairline. If the distance between the top of your hairline and skull is shorter than that between your eyebrows and hairline, you have low cranial top.


Neither high nor low cranial top is better than the other, but rather they are ways of understanding your face and skull to determine which hairstyles could look best on you. High cranial tops generally look best with hairstyles that create volume on top whereas those with low cranial top often look better with lower-sitting hairstyles.


How To Get High Cranial Top

high cranial top hairstyles

1. High ponytails are your friend

Hairstyles that pull the hair upward like high ponytails or half-half-down hairstyles lift hair upwards, making it more visible on top of your head and making your face look smaller as a result. These hairstyles can be pretty easy and flattering.


products for high cranial top

2. Use a volume spray

Volumizing sprays, texturizing sprays, and dry shampoos can give the roots at the top of your head bit more oomph. Spray product at the roots and tease lightly with your fingers to give your hair effortless volume that looks natural.


side part for high cranial top

3. Side part

Side parts are great for creating the appearance of a high cranial top. Middle parts can leave your hair looking a bit flatter on top while side parts add to hair’s natural volume.


4. Tease your hair

A little teasing at the roots can lift flat hair. Even better if you flip your part over the teasing to really take advantage of that volume.


how to style hair for high cranial top

5. Apply mousse and then blow dry…just at the roots

Adding mousse or volume spray isn’t something you need to do only when planning on bow drying all of your hair. Add some product to your roots and blow dry away from the roots for quick all-day volume.


How To Get High Cranial Top Conclusion

Taking advantage of having a high cranial top with hairstyles that emphasize your hair’s natural volume will give your face a flattering and delicate appearance. If you’re on the fence, give one of these methods of getting high cranial top a try and see if you like it!

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