How to Use Velcro Rollers for Volume in 4 Steps (without any frizz!)

How to Use Velcro Rollers for Volume in 4 Steps (without any frizz!)

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My life changed when I learned how to use velcro rollers for volume, and I’m not even exaggerating. For so long I had wanted to get voluminous but lightweight hair. I figured if I could just master velcro rollers, my hair could look amazing all the time. 


Mastering velcro rollers wasn’t something that happened for me on the first try. I had curls that flopped, hair that was too crunchy with hairspray, nonexistent volume, and worst of all, frizz. With a little trial and error, I tried every way of using velcro rollers before coming upon my own formula for how to use them for the easiest, quickest, and most frizz-free results. 


Once you get the hang of velcro rollers, you’re going to want to use them too. This is a great signature hairstyle for hair that looks healthy and gorgeous in a 90s supermodel kind of way. 


How to Use Velcro Rollers for Volume

1. Use mousse on wet hair

I’m not going to tell you to load up your hair with lots of hair products because it is definitely not necessary. In fact you should avoid using too much product on your hair to avoid it feeling greasy or crunchy.


What you should definitely use for voluminous hair is mousse. I like to work it into my roots and on the strands of my hair. Keep it away from the ends of your hair to avoid any crunchiness. 

 hair quiz

Next you can blow dry your hair, or let it air dry it if your hair dries fairly straight or slightly wavy. 


2. Curl hair with a curling iron

This step is key to getting velcro rollers to work. Since velcro rollers apply no heat to your hair, they can’t easily mold your hair to the shape of the roller. So you will need to add some heat before putting in the rollers.


I like to use a curling iron but a flat iron will work as well. Create a curl with the curling iron. This curl doesn’t need to be perfect. Remember, it’s more important to use the curling iron to get your hair hot than it is to create a curl. Before creating your next curl, move to the next step and put in your first velcro roller!


3. Place velcro rollers

Now that you have a hot curl in your hands, get out a large velcro roller. Velcro roller packs typically come in 4 sizes: small, medium, large, and jumbo. Which ones you use will depend on how long your hair is. 


Smaller velcro rollers create a tighter curl while the larger velcro rollers will create looser waves and more volume. 


velcro roller sizes


I have long hair so I use the jumbo 2.5-inch velcro rollers on my hair. I use the large 1.75-inch rollers on the last few pieces of my hair when I’ve run out of the jumbo size. If you have shorter hair, use the large and medium size rollers.


If you have face-framing layers or bangs, you’ll want to use smaller rollers here than on the rest of your head. Wherever your hair is shorter, use smaller rollers. 


Start wrapping your hair around the roller, starting with the end of your hair. Roll your hair on top of the roller. Wrapping the rollers this way lifts your hair off your roots and creates volume. 


Go slowly to make sure your hair is centered on the roller. Patience will pay off by helping you avoid frizz! Once you’ve reached the roots of your hair, securely fasten a clip. Make sure it is secure before you move onto the next section of hair.


how to use velcro rollers for volume


4. Take them out (and avoid frizz!)

This is the part where you might find yourself in trouble. The velcro on the rollers doesn’t seem to want to let go of your hair and as you unwind your hair your hair it can be left as a pile of frizz. 


First take out the pin and put it aside. Next, grab the roller still attached to your hair with one hand and with the other, grab the hair your are unraveling where it meets your head. Slowly unravel the roller and while you do, move your other hand so it follows along, smoothing and lifting the hair from the roller. This prevents the roller from tugging on your hair because you are lifting it away.


After you’ve taken out all of your rollers, spray with some light-hold hairspray or a texture spray for long-lasting volume.


Do you put rollers in wet or dry hair?

When going for a voluminous blowout, dry your hair first. Apply heat and then rollers for a gorgeous blowout. Applying rollers to wet hair will give you more natural-looking texture in your hair.


How long do you leave rollers in for volume?

A good rule of thumb is to wait until your hair is no longer hot in the rollers. This can be about 10 minutes or it can take closer to thirty. You can leave rollers in your hair for hours if you’d like. Leaving them in for a long time won’t do any damage to your hair. 


Where do you put volume rollers?

For voluminous hair, place rollers at the top of your head, starting at your forehead until reaching the crown of your head. Rollers on the side of your head will also create a lot of volume. 


how to use velcro rollers on fine hair


What should I put on my hair before rollers?

Before placing velcro rollers, use hair mousse on wet hair to get major volume. If your hair is prone to frizz, use a styling cream or smoothing balm to tame hair. Use a heat protection spray before using hot tools.


Should you hairspray your hair while it’s in rollers?

You can, but it’s better to spritz with some hairspray before your put it in rollers. This will give you better hold. When you spray your rollers with hair spray the curls might stick to the rollers, making it harder to release them.


How to use hair rollers for bangs

Don’t have time to place rollers all over your head? You can just use velcro rollers on your bangs! Take a medium-sized roller and roll your bangs under the roller before pinning them in place. Leave them for 10 minutes and you’ve got volume and shape in your bangs.


This was how to use velcro rollers for volume in 4 steps!

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