All About Korean Hair Essences: What Are They And Do You Need One?

All About Korean Hair Essences: What Are They And Do You Need One?

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If you’ve heard of the 10 step Korean haircare routine, one step in particular may have seemed a bit more unusual than the rest. Hair essences are popular as part of the Korean haircare round but they are almost unheard of in many other countries. And yet, these multi-tasking products can do so much for the health and vitality of your hair without weighing it down.


First, a bit about the 10-step haircare routines and where hair essences fit it. This routine may seem high-maintenance, but it is great for scalp health, deep cleansing, and fully nourishing your hair. Korean hair products also tend to use natural ingredients that are gentle and soothing.


This routine looks like this:

1. Scalp Scaling or Exfoliation

2. Shampoo

3. Scalp Massage

4. Scalp Scrub

5. Conditioner

6. Scalp Rinse

7. Hair Mask

8. Scalp Tonic

9. Hair Essence

10. Overnight Treatment


Hair essences tend to come towards the end of this routine as a kind of finisher for your hair. So what do they do?


Korean Hair Essences: What Are They?

Hair essences are generally lightweight hair products that give hair shine, moisture, and tame frizz. They tend to have a watery consistency and include ingredients like botanical extracts, oils, proteins, and vitamins.


You can apply a hair essence to damp or dry hair out of the shower by gently massaging it into your hair, either all over or just on the parts where your hair needs attention, for example really dry or frizzy ends.


They are meant to make hair feel softer, more manageable, and give it incredible shine. Some hair essences will be aimed at specific concerns, like frizz or repairing damage.


hair oil vs hair essence

Hair Essence vs. Hair Oil

Hair essences and hair oils have a lot of commonalities since they both add moisture to hair and tamp down frizz, but hair oils are generally thicker and have an oil base whereas hair essences are typically water-based.


leave-in conditioner vs. hair essence

Hair Essence vs. Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-in conditioner are also generally thicker than hair essences and play more of a role in conditioning hair and detangling than hair essences do. Hair essences by contrast improve the health and appearance of your hair, making it shinier and smoother. Hair essences can also be applied on damp or dry hair, where leave-in conditioners are typically meant to be applied to damp hair only.


Who Should Use a Korean Hair Essence

Anyone can use a hair essence since they are lightweight and contain ingredients that improve the health and appearance of anyone’s hair without weighing it down, but they are especially beneficial for those with dry, damaged or frizzy hair.


They can give shine to hair that is dull and provide lightweight nourishment to dry hair. They can also contain ingredients that help to repair hair from heat or chemical damage.


If you’re using a hair essence for the first time, use a small amount. You can always use more if you find your hair requires more product.


How Often To Use a Korean Hair Essence

Korean hair essences can be used multiple times a week. If you are using it frequently, say multiple times a week, you will want to make sure you are giving your hair a deep cleanse once a week to rid your hair of any product buildup.


5 Best Korean Hair Essences

korean hair essence

Elizavecca CER-100 Hair Muscle Essence Oil

Elizavecca is an affordable Korean hair brand and their Hair Muscle Essence Oil repairs and softens using a combination of oils that are high in vitamin E and fatty acids that are great for hair.


hair essence

Moremo Hair Essence Delightful Oil

Only a small amount of this is needed to tame hair and make it feel smooth and look miles shinier. This really works fast to give hair a healthier appearance. It is a very lightweight texture and using vegetable oils to give hair a glossy look and repair hair without any stickiness.


Mise En Scene Damage Care Perfect Serum

This an another affordable hair essence that gives hair shine without stickiness. This is a bit thicker of a formula and is best for medium-to-thick hair.


Nineless Daily Intense Nourishing Hair Essence

Nineless is a Korean brand built on simplicity of formulas and ingredients. Their hair essence included sweet almond oil and jojoba oil as well as shea butter. This vegan formula absorbs quickly into the hair for more shine and less frizz.


Margaret Josefin Intensive Hair Care Essence for Damaged Hair

This hair essence is especially good for damaged hair, although it works for any type of hair. It contains marine collagen and amino acids, great ingredients for repair hair that;’s been damaged by heat or chemical treatments or hair that is simply brittle and dry. It leaves hair shiny and protects hair from Uv rays.


All About Korean Hair Essences Conclusion

Korean Hair Essences are truly a wonder product and it’s only a matter of time before they take on more popularity in other parts of their world. Few products can claim to add shine and tamp down frizz without weighing down hair. Combine that with their repairing benefits and these are product you need to have!

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