The Best Korean Hair Masks for Dry and Damaged Hair

The Best Korean Hair Masks for Dry and Damaged Hair

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K-beauty haircare has been an obsession of mine for a couple years now after I started paying more attention to my scalp. Since then I’ve tried so many more Korean products. Some of the standout products for me have been hair masks, especially those for dry and damaged hair.


K-beauty hair masks are often aimed at repairing hair that’s been damaged by hair color or bleach or heat styling, and they tend to use more protein than the hair masks that that are popular in the US. They also tend to use ingredients and include textures that are unique and make hair instantly soft and shiny.


These are some of my favorite Korean hair masks for repairing and bringing moisture back to dry and damaged hair.


What Makes Korean Hair Products Different

K-beauty hair products are different because of their innovative formulations, use of natural ingredients, focus on scalp care, and the focus on holistic hair and scalp wellness


Botanical extracts are heavily used in Korean haircare to nourish and hydrate hair, and ingredients like ginseng and green tea are common. But beauty as a whole is a really innovative sector in Korea and their products reflect new and effective ways of repairing hair and maintaining scalp and hair health.


Best Korean Hair Masks for Damaged and Dry Hair

korean hair masks for dry hair

Macil 8 Seconds Salon Hair Mask

The Mail 8 Seconds Salon Mask is the first Korean hair products I ever used and I was immediately in love. It’s a water treatment that needs only 8 seconds on the hair before rinsing and leaves hair super shiny and soft. Similar to the L’Oreal Wonder Water, it has a very watery texture but this one from Macil turns gel-like when scrunching it in your hair. This is a really nice mask that you can use on a regular basis without overdoing it.


MEDIHEAL Hair Sheep Steam Mask

Steaming your hair is a great treatment for super damaged, dry, or low porosity hair, and while it may seem like a treatment you can only do at a salon, you can also do it at home. This mask makes it super easy. This has mask comes with a cap that fastens around your head and steams your hair, opening your hair cuticles to allow for better absorption of ingredients like goat oil and hydrolyzed collagen.

korean hair masks for damaged hair

TONYMOLY Haeyo Mayo Hair Nutrition Pack

This mayonnaise-looking hair mask uses shea butter, egg yolk extract and macadamia seed oil to hydrate hair and make it super smooth. This is a great mask fit you struggle with really frizzy hair. And if you’re worried about your hair smelling like mayo, don’t be--it actually smells like a sweet vanilla and macadamia treat. You only need to leave this one in for 3 minutes to get the full effects.


Aromatica Quinoa Protein Treatment Mask

Aromatica is a super popular brand in Korea that uses lots of natural ingredients. Many Korean products contain silicones but this one mask that is silicone-free. It’s an amazing protein treatment for hair that has been damaged by coloring or heat and is especially good for frizzy and curly hair.


Skinfood Argan Oil Silk Hair Mask

This mask is truly one of the best hair masks K-beauty has to offer! Combining lightweight argan oil and deeply nourishing ceramides, this is a really conditioning mask. If you’re looking to try a mask that’s affordable but really effective, this is a great place to start to get really soft, repaired hair.


UNOVE Deep Damage Treatment

This protein treatment from UNOVE uses keratin to restore hair that’s damaged. If your hair is in deep need of some TLC, this is a really protein-heavy treatment that still feels like a deep conditioner because of how soft it makes hair afterwards. When the gel-cream formula comes into contact with water, it actually becomes a little more liquid and easy to spread, making it easier to nourish every hair on your head.


Too Cool for School Egg Remedy Hair Pack

If you like your haircare with an emphasis on natural ingredients, this mask is perfect. It uses egg, butter, milk, olive oil, and honey to hydrate hair and repair. It leaves your hair shiny without making it flat. If you style your hair regularly this is a must to use once or twice a week and it only takes 3 minutes to see results.


The Best Korean Hair Masks for Dry and Damaged Hair Conclusion

These masks are some of the most popular out there repairing damaged or dry hair in Korea and they’re all pretty easily available here in the US as well.  Think if you’re looking for a hair mask that combines effective with natural ingredients and innovative textures and hair repair technology, these are all great options to try out to get smooth, shiny, and frizz-free hair.

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